CAP in Cyprus

As a full member state of the European Union since 2004, Cyprus benefits directly from the CAP which significantly supports farmers and contributes to rural development.

The CAP directly supports the small farms in Cyprus (75% of the total number of farms of the island) that need the support of the EU to ensure a high standard of living of those employed.

CAP also contributes to the improvement of living conditions in rural areas of our country through rural development measures and protects industry professionals and consumers, focusing mainly on traditional sectors of the Cypriot agricultural economy (wine, fruits and vegetables) with market protection measures.



    Relatively old farmers: only 1.7 % of farmers are under 35 years old, while 40 % are older than 64 (31.1 % in EU28)

    Small farms: 89.9 % of holdings are under 5 hectares.

    An important contribution to the economy: the primary sector (agriculture, forestry and fishing) accounts for 2.3 % of the country's economy (total GVA) and agriculture for 3.6 % of total employment. This is higher than the European average in economic terms (1.5 % in EU-28) but lower in terms of employment (4.3 % in EU28).

Did you know…

the following Cypriot agricultural products have been registered in the European Register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications: Κολοκάσι Σωτήρας / Κολοκάσι-Πούλλες Σωτήρας (Kolokasi Sotiras / Kolokasi-Poulles Sotiras) as PDO, Γλυκό Τριαντάφυλλο Αγρού (Glyko Triantafyllo Agrou) as PGI, Παφίτικο Λουκάνικο (Pafitiko Loukaniko) as PGI, Κουφέτα Αμυγδάλου Γεροσκήπου (Koufeta Amygdalou Geroskipou) as PGI, Λουκούμι Γεροσκήπου (Loukoumi Geroskipou) as PGI.