CAP 2023

Learn the CAP: Towards a greener CAP

With the new CAP coming into force soon from the EU, we are launching the new awareness project Learn About CAP Learn the CAP: Towards a Greener CAP aligning our activities and our message with the aim of the amended Common Agricultural Policy which is primarily the ensuring ecological sustainability in agriculture. In this way it is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and the European Green Deal. This translates into implementation of programs with the least carbon footprint, environmentally conscious farming and consumption practices.


This is the fourth consecutive CAP awareness project implemented by SigmaLive, which will build on the foundations laid by the previous 3 projects. The overall aim of the 2022-2023 Green CAP campaign is to show that the Common Agricultural Policy, one of the EU's common policies, benefits all EU citizens by supporting farmers to secure a stable and affordable supply of food across the EU also focusing on the positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.


'Learn the CAP: Towards a Greener CAP' aims to share information and raise awareness at national and international level about the importance of the CAP and its benefits for EU citizens, in order to build trust within the EU and between all of citizens, farmers and future farmers alike. In addition, he will share information about the expected new CAP, a greener and modernized policy and how it can contribute to the EU's common goals for social, environmental and economic sustainability in agriculture and rural areas.


The project is specifically aimed at stakeholders, farmers, young people as well as the general public and has the following specific objectives:


  1. To engage and inform stakeholders and other interested parties about the CAP and its new objectives, its role in supporting the sustainability of agriculture and its direct and indirect benefits 
  2. Creating and building the capacity of a national group of youth, the CAP Youth Ambassadors, so that they can facilitate local actions and act as multipliers for the project and its goals. 
  3. Informing young people about the impact of the CAP and the new CAP, and its contribution to climate change and healthy lifestyles. 
  4. Public awareness of the CAP as a policy that concerns all EU citizens through various methodologies, media and channels at local, national and European level.


The Campaign which started in August 2022 will conclude in July 2023 with a multifaceted program of activities, actively involving youth and local stakeholders.



'Learn CAP: Towards a Greener CAP' is implemented by SigmaLive Ltd in collaboration with DIAS Publishing House. The project is co-financed by the European Union.


For updates and information about the new campaign and its activities visit the Learn about CAP website and the portal which will be constantly updated with articles, events, best practices and job opportunities, follow us also on our Social Media:






Focus Groups Infographics

Greener Cap Factsheet


1.Interactive Educational Activities

During the project, 5 interactive educational activities for young people were carried out, aiming to engage young people and raise awareness about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its important contribution to supporting the social, environmental and economic sustainability of agriculture. The goal was to host at least one activity in each province of the island.


  1. LARNACA - Youth Dynamics 
  5. PAPHOS - Cross Culture International Foundation

Trainer - Maria Mavronikola (Youth Worker)

2.  Greener CAPATHON

On the 16th of June 5 teams of young people competed against each other in the Greener Capathon. The CAPATHON was an all day event which took place at the Gardens of the Future in Nicosia and the teams were guided through creating and pitching a creative and innovative idea about promoting CAP locally. A committee in the end evaluated the ideas and the pitching and we had winning Teams 4 & 5 that received 1000EUR each for implementing their ideas.

3. Public Intervention

In collaboration with the informal youth group "Green Deal for Cyprus" a construction was erected with the aim of informing the public about the European Green Deal and the CAP. The construction was erected in the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Center during the 6th Cyprus International Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Documentary Festival. 17-23rd July 2023

4. Final Conference 

Seed of Renewal the Future of a Greener CAP was the final event of the ‘Learn About CAP: A Greener CAP Campaign’ where local stakeholders came together to receive an overview of the project and its activities. The event took place on the 26th of July 2023 at the Gardens of the Future in Nicosia the presentation of the project was following by a market where local farmers and producers presented their products and their methods of organic/ bio farming.