Financing Tools

The CAP has always supported the Cypriot farmer and the rural areas of the island. Each year, a number of measures are announced and addressed to both individuals (farmers and non-farmers) and local authorities.

The following bodies are responsible for the implementation of the CAP programs:

  • Department of Agriculture, Rural Economics and Development Department (Farmer Support).
  • Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (Farmer Support).
  • Department of Forests (Forest Protection).
  • Ministry of Interior / District Administrations (Rural Development Program for local authorities).
  • Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism (Tackling Climate Change).

All funding programs / measures are announced on the website of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization.

National CAPO service line: 77771999

Funding process:

  • •Study of supporting documents (application, action information, etc.)
  • •Completion of the application
  • •Verification of the application by the competent bodies
  • •Approval of the action and information of the beneficiary
  • •Financing and implementation of the action / project